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Coffee Addiction

Among the evils of the office lifestyle is it’s proclivity for encouraging drug use. I’m not talking about the illicit kind, although it’s probable that sitting all day in a cube illuminated by a pale fluorescent glow may contribute to the occasional after-work toking. I’m talking about the substance contained within the title of this post: caffeine.

Seems like just about everyone relies on coffee to wake up in the morning and get them going. It’s almost like an afterthought for some people – a total necessity to pry open their eyes and get their bodies moving. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why? Well, I can think of a couple of contributing factors to the coffee epidemic:

1 – We don’t get enough sleep. (Obvious) We work so damn much that there isn’t time in our lives for a good rest at night, so our alarm clocks do part one of this job while the coffee does part 2.

2 – Everybody else is doing it. Don’t believe me? Stop and think for a second. Decaf is a good example to help prove my point. Ever wonder why there is decaf at all? I have a theory. Decaf is for people who subconsciously want to fit in as a coffee drinker but cannot, for one reason or another, handle the caffeine. They aren’t doing it for the taste (at least at first.) Coffee tastes terrible. There, I said it. There is a reason that most of us have to build up a taste for the stuff. Why do we build up a taste for anything that we find repulsive? Do you go drinking liquid Nyquil for fun? I am convinced that if liquid Nyquil became socially acceptable and what everyone was doing, we’d have a lot of drowsy workers who never ever coughed.

It’s been shown in quite a few studies that excessive caffeine is not healthy. You’d be far better off (and in the end, more awake) if you cut back on your hours, (if possible) had water in the mornings instead of coffee, and tried to get a better night’s sleep.

Unfortunately 9-to-5 life caters to unhealthy, bad habits which further fuel the desire to do whatever is possible just to cope, even if it means drinking ourselves into a manic, drug-induced high with our co-workers every morning.


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