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Don’t Like the Weather Where You Live? Move!

Five years ago I lived in the frozen north. Minneapolis, Minnesota isn’t just cold. It is frigid. Winter there eats away at you over the course of six brutal months, sapping your energy, making it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. It’s impossible not to get sick at least twice a winter there. Call me crazy, but I think influenza is the real state bird. Usually by February I craved the sun more than I craved food. I always used to talk about moving somewhere warmer, but made excuses for myself for years – never actually considering the fact that it just might help change my life.

Today I live in the sunny, beautiful southwestern United States. It’s early March, and it’s been in the 70’s for four straight days now. Never mind the fact that this kind of weather makes it fun just to be outside – it actually has helped make me more productive! Working with the windows open and a warm breeze blowing through my home office puts me in a mood that I can’t explain – I just feel energized. I wake up early (7:00-7:30 is my usual rising time now) excited to see the sun again.

Sure, warm weather isn’t great for everybody. Maybe you have the reverse issue: you hate the heat! But the point is this: living in a climate that feels good to you will actually help give you more energy and in turn, make you more productive. Ever heard the phrase “wherever you go, there you are?” Usually it’s in reference to the fact that we bring our problems and issues with us wherever we travel. I don’t actually agree with this, which I’ll explain a bit later.

Wherever You Go, Make it Somewhere Ideal

Many of us live in a specific location by default. It’s usually work, school, or where are friends are. Our location is determined by circumstance more than by choice. If this weren’t the case we’d all go to school in Hawaii or the Bahamas!

After awhile the reason we are living in this location will change – usually it goes from something like “I live in Delaware because I go to school at Delaware State University” to “I live here because I work at the Delaware Deli” or “I live in Delaware because I’m used to it.”

It doesn’t matter that I’m picking on Delaware. It could be any place.

Maybe we are happy where we live. If so, that’s great! But if you are complaining about your location, about the snow, the cold or the rain, what’s to stop you from just packing up and moving? Let’s face it: it isn’t really about the weather. You are just upset that you are stuck having to deal with the weather because you aren’t ready to make a major move, or the tradeoff isn’t worth it.

The Act of Moving Will Help Change Your Life

It did for me, and it did for quite a few others I know. Moving is a difficult thing – it forces you to stand on your own in a place that you don’t know, walking the streets of a city that is foreign to you and meeting strangers. You also have to deal with how the move will affect your work and your finances. It’s exotic, challenging… and thrilling. I can’t think of a better way to “start fresh.”

But moving is such a challenge that it can improve your confidence in other ways. Having to adapt to a new environment can make you stronger and feel better about your ability to make major changes in your life. If you can pull it off, things that once seemed difficult may not seem like such a big deal anymore.

Choosing a Place that is Right

If you have been on vacation to Alaska and love the beauty of the wilderness and the mountains (believe me, they are amazing!) then why not try life there? Don’t like the cold? You could move to the Caribbean, where it’s in the 80’s(F) all winter long. Sick of crowds? Why are you living in India?

Generally the “right” place is a place that makes you feel good. It isn’t that hard to find. So many of us spend so much time analyzing a place to determine if it’s a good fit. Will our kids like it? Are the people nice? Is it safe? These are all valid questions, and it’s probably wise to put some time into them. You don’t want to move to Baghdad just to escape the winter.

But really listen to your heart. If somewhere makes you feel “right” you will most likely love your time there. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always move back, right?

Moving isn’t irreversible.

The bottom line is this: the environment we live in does affect us. It effects the way we feel, think, act, and work. The act of moving is challenging enough that wherever you go, things may seem a lot easier once you are settled in anyway. And it makes you stronger, more open to new experiences, and happier that you actually did something for yourself that you’ve been wanting to do.

What are you really doing in Delaware?


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