Get Involved

We are currently seeking great writers who have something to contribute to The Great Office Escape. At the present time we do not have any paid positions available. However, if you would like to become a writer please contact us here.

In the main body of the contact form please include the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Location
  3. At least three links to samples of your writing (we prefer that you have examples of work that are published online)
  4. Tell us a bit about yourself and how often you feel you could contribute
  5. Also, please let us know what categories in The Great Office Escape you feel that you could best contribute

We are very picky with our writer selection process so please make sure that you send the best samples of your work.

At the current time writers do not receive compensation. However, this may change in the future and those that have been writers for the longest period of time will be the first considered for paid positions.