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Should I Buy Those Shoes?

Picture this scene, if you will.

You are at your favorite mall/department store, and you see a pair of shoes you really want. Don’t run away guys! This article is for you, too. Just pretend that they are boots or guns or something. I understand. I don’t care about shoes either.

Back to the department store.

The shoes fit you perfectly, and you begin to imagine wearing them for a night out, impressing your coworkers, and walking around town wearing them proudly. But then you glance at the price tag. $189. Ouch. The age-old question is upon you.

Should I buy those shoes?

The Answer

Step 1 – Do you have a budget?

If the answer is yes, move on to step 2. If the answer is no, then stop right here. Put the shoes down, go home, and fix yourself a budget. (You may skip this question entirely if you are so good with money or well-off that you don’t need a budget.)

Step 2 – Take a look at your budget. Do the shoes fit? If they do, then move on to step 3. And by fit I mean can you buy them with cash and still have plenty left over for the rest of the month? If not, then let them go. You’ll save $189.

Step 3 – Do you have more than two pairs of similar shoes already? If the answer is yes, then go home to your current shoes and learn to appreciate them. Take them out for a night on the town, or to dinner. They miss you, and need your love too. If not, go to step 4.

Step 4 – Will you be happier in a week if you buy the shoes? Really think about this one. Picture yourself actually owning them. Will you just want more shoes in the near future because these will go out of style? Will you only wear them once and then forget about them? Will they contribute to your self worth? If you are still convinced that they will, then go to step 5.

Step 5 – This is the most important one. You’ve come so far though! You can almost feel the sweet, soft sensation of brand new shoes caressing your feet.

But wait! Don’t feel those sensations just yet! First, answer me this:

Do you need them?

If you need shoes like the ones you are going to buy because they match something, or they are for job interviews, or for eating out because your old ones are broken, or other similar reasons, then congratulations. You may buy them. If not, well…

Tough shoes.

And by the way, you can substitute this handy guide for ANY purchase that you are on the fence about!



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