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5 Reasons The Great Office Escape Will Help Get You Through Your Day

You are stuck at your miserable, disgusting office, listening to the melodic sounds of the copy machine giving you a nonstop headache with it’s repetitive, awful jarring paper-crunching tedium. The air smells of white-out, paper, and stale death. The one window in the corner next to the cubicle of your awful co-worker named Peg shines it’s 2-feet of light at the corner of her desk, mocking everyone else in existence. Make no mistake. There is no such thing as outside.

The Great Office Escape offers you a welcome distraction from this environment. Admit it.

It certainly beats the heck out of listening to Josh and Bo debate the wisdom of the signing of some football player you have never heard of while standing at a 115 degree angle facing away from each other, only pretending to be even remotely interested in the conversation.  Let’s face it: office relationships can develop into something more, but there is usually an element of shared misery and complaint about just how long it is taking for the clock to hit 5.  Or 6.  Or whenever the end mercifully comes.

You know there will be something new to look at.  I promise to update the site a lot more often in the coming days. All those who are giving me grief about not updating enough can now rejoice! Also the redesign for the blog is coming along fairly nicely, and soon TGOE will be more than just a blog. I am hoping to include all the elements I have promised on the front page in the new design.

You are tired of finding numerous, useless job sites that are filled with the same boring, dead-end desk jobs that have very little meaning. You want something refreshing and with a different take on the whole notion of work. If one more person tells you to do a search for a better job, you will eat the stapler sitting in front of you.

You are planning your escape and need some support while struggling through the day. You realize that you want to travel, to volunteer, to take a year off, to go back to school, to create, dream, and truly give the gifts you were born to give to the world.  You can do anything you want for a “living.”  Organize “speed dating” nights and be a matchmaker.  Become a professional dance instructor.  Read Tarot cards.  Start your own chain of dog food restaurants.  Ok, scratch that last one.  The point is, you can do any and all of these things and more if you truly have the desire. 

Ok, so I’m stroking the ego of my blog a little bit. So sue me!

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