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I Lost My Day Job

Well, it finally happened. I became another victim of the modern “replaceable human labor” movement at work. I lost my job, and the reason given was that they wanted to create a new part-time job sometime down the line, and that the position wouldn’t be necessary.

So, while I consistently and unwaveringly shout the message “Escape your jobs!” to the world, I have nothing but sympathy for the unemployed/recently laid off worker. Life is plenty tough in an office or cube, but it’s even tougher being unemployed without much else as a means of income. No matter how difficult it is to find something else in the coming weeks to pay the bills, I will continue to write articles for my site (with more frequency now, because I have more time!) and hopefully continue to help other people like myself who are tired of the rat race.

If you would like to make a donation to help me through these tough times, and fuel my writing career/this website, I’d be more than appreciative! The link to donate is on the lower part of the left sidebar.

The Great Office Escape has given me a wonderful outlet for many of my thoughts and ideas, and I can also see that it is inspiring many others out there to make something more of their lives than waste away in a cold, depressing office for a paycheck. And I can say with certainty that this website and all it represents makes me feel like I am REALLY contributing something of value to the world.

I may have lost my job, but I’ve found my calling.

I hope I can help my readers on their journey to finding theirs too!



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