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Is The Great Office Escape For You?

I’m about to surprise you.

I’m going to give you some brutal honesty, and tell you something that is perhaps a bit contrary to what I’ve been preaching for a long time.

“The Great Office Escape” is not for everyone.

Wow, what have I done? I’ve just told a good portion of my readers that they’ll either never make it, or worse yet, that perhaps they shouldn’t try to make it! Why is this? There are plenty of reasons.

It Isn’t Easy

You have to be up for the challenge. It can take years, sometimes even half a lifetime or more of concentrated effort to break free of the 9 to 5 world and into a life of self-employment or “non-employment” where one doesn’t have to worry every month about paying the bills. Believe me, there are been plenty of people who have tried and failed. Some try get-rich quick schemes, and these usually aren’t sustaining, they usually fail, and aren’t fulfilling anyway. Others resort to starting their own businesses on the side, and these go nowhere. A large percentages of businesses fail in the first couple of years. If you aren’t someone who can handle serious challenge, a bit of risk, and a bit of uncertainty, then you won’t make it.

We Need “Worker Bees”

“Yep, I said it. Perhaps one day we’ll live in a society where all the stuff that Admin. Assistants, Secretaries, Accountants, File Clerks, and other office-jobs are unnecessary and everyone is doing work that is meaningful. It isn’t impossible. Automation is becoming a more common practice with some business. But we aren’t there yet, so we need office workers. If everyone just up and quit, where would we be? It’s got to be a gradual societal shift aided by science, understanding, time, and the human spirit to better itself. I’ll repeat, we aren’t there yet. It could be a long time.

Everyone is Different

If you stumbled on this website because you are looking for a way out of your horrible job, or at least some motivation to help you get through the days, then you’ve come to the right place. If you stumbled on it because you don’t like office culture, the 9 to 5, the daily monotony, the sucking up, the corporate hierarchy and the emphasis on team of the work world, you are also reading the right blog. However, if you are here just out of curiosity, then I can accept that maybe your job is right for you. Maybe you love your job. If so, then that’s great! I’m glad some people love their jobs. Some people even like being secretaries. I can acknowledge this.


Basically, I would venture to guess that about 20% of the people who are reading this blog AND have the desire will actually successfully “escape” their miserable jobs some day. The other 80% are either intellectually or financially incapable of creating a better life for themselves or just don’t have enough desire. It takes a certain amount of creativity, strength, courage and insanity to start a business and sustain it.

If your answer to the title of this post is anything but a definite “Yes,” then count yourself in the 80% who will not make it and learn to accept your job. It’s just a way to make a living. It isn’t your life. We need people like you, too.


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