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Should I Quit My Job? A Test

Here is a quiz I put together. It is self-scoring, so you’ll need to do the math in your head. Don’t worry; it’s easy. After you have completed the test, read the results for my interpretation of your score.

Give yourself one point for each checked box.

  1. I am depressed on Sunday nights
  2. I am depressed on Monday mornings
  3. I have had to physically restrain myself from throwing a piece of office equipment, or yelling at a co-worker. (Give yourself a point for each occasion for maximum of three points for this question.)
  4. I hate my boss.
  5. Close your eyes. Picture yourself a year in the future. You are happier in this future. You feel lighter, more at peace with yourself. Now, open your eyes and answer the following question:  I was no longer employed at my current job in this imagined future.
  6.  Imagine that your boss offers you a severance package of your current salary for the next 7 months to immediately quit your current job.  You don’t have to quit if you don’t want to. Answer the following question:  I would quit my job immediately.
  7. I feel too run down during the weekday evenings to be very productive.
  8. I feel too run down during the weekday evenings to go out and/or have fun.
  9. I watch more than 1 hour of TV per weekday night on average.
  10. I have called in sick to work just because I needed a day away from the office at least once at my current job.

Finished? Good! Tally your checks.

Score interpretation

0-2 points: You have no plans to quit your job any time soon. In fact, overall you are pretty content. No need to worry.

3 points: There are certain areas of your work life that could use improvement. Isolate what these areas are (make a list of everything that is bugging you) and deal with them soon, or they will become worse.

4-6 points: Things definitely should be better in your professional life. You should probably start seeking alternative employment/means of income because your work life is invading your real life. At the very least, work on making your job better if there is no other option in the short term. Negotiate some work-from-home days. Start a side-project of some kind and plan to make your escape.

7-9 points: Immediate action is needed. Ask yourself how you got to this position in your life and what you can do to extricate yourself from it. If the problem is financial, try to find other ways of making your income. If you have NO way out at the present time (there is no such thing, really) consider talking with a professional. One way or another, you need to quit your job, because it’s really ruining your life.

10-13 points: Quit your job. Nothing is worth this much stress. Just up and quit. Living on credit for a short time or even mooching off a friend or parent for awhile is better than the daily hell you live with. You need to immediately take back your life!

How did you score?



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